STEP 1- Connect to TV

Follow the below instructions to connect the MOHID Signage Player to your TV

  1. Connect the IR Remote receiver to the MSP TV Stick 
  2. Connect the included HDMI extender to the HDMI connector
  3. Connect the included USB cable to the USB port on the TV stick
  4. The other end of the USB cable should be connected to any Power adapter or even to the USB port located in your TV
  5. Turn on the TV and select the right HDMI connection.

STEP 2 - Network Connection

When starting the device the first time, the App will try to reach out to the backend server, but due to a lack of network connection, it will not get past the initial screen.

  • Please press the Home button on your remote (5 to 6 times) to exit the App

    Image Placeholder
  • Go to Settings to connect to the WiFi.
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STEP 3 - Disable Screen Saver

It is important to disable the Screensaver before using MSP.
Follow the steps below to disable the Screensaver.
  • Go to Settings -> Device Preferences -> Screen saver -> When to start

    Image Placeholder  Image Placeholder
  • Select Never from the list

    Image Placeholder

STEP 4 - Set Timezone

  • Make sure to setup the right timezone 
  • Without setting the right timezone, MSP device will not function properly

STEP 5 - Start MSP App

  • Click Home on the remote control
  • Select App List

    Image Placeholder

  • From the list of apps select MSP to start the App 
    Image Placeholder

Note: These steps are only needed for the first time setup. Once MSP has been successfully setup, it will start automatically on every power boot of the TV

Software Upgrade

MSP supports Automatic Software upgrades, which allows it to check with the server if a new update is available (an active network connection is required) and if available, it downloads and installs the update automatically. 

Software download takes anywhere from 3 to 5 minutes, during which the display will show "Downloading Update ..." . Please be patient and wait for the download to finish. The software upgrade will start right after the Download step is completed.


After a successful software upgrade (if available) , a QR code will be displayed on the screen with an auto generated device Id.

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  1. Scan this QR code with your phone camera and it will take you to MOHID login page.
  2. Log in to MOHID dashboard using your MOHID admin credentials
  3. Once login, a MSP setup page will be displayed
  4. Enter a Title for your MSP, select a layout and go over other settings for your MSP device.
  5. Click Save 
 it will show you Image Placeholder

MSP device will automatically login and display the layout selected .

How to use MSP (Scenarios)

Use the helpful guide provided in the following link to configure MOHID Signange Player as per your use-case.

Display Slides

MSP can be setup to display any number of slides (along with Iqamah times and Donation QR code) .Please follow the instructions in the following link to setup slides

Broadcast Short Messages

Follow the steps in the following link to broadast shortterm messages on MSP devices simultaneously, with an expiry date , when the messages will be automatically removed from the displays.


Check the list of MSP FAQs