1- Stuck on the Downloading screen forever 

  • In the default version which comes with MSP, the very first bootup will start downloading the latest SW
  • In this version, it only shows the "Downloading Please Wait ..." message (no status bar)
  • Sometimes, it gets stuck on this screen for a long time.
  • Note that usually, it takes 2 to 4 minutes for the APK file to download (its 45MB file size).
  • If the wait becomes too long, reboot the MSP (hit the Power off button on the MSP remote)
  • This way it will re-attempt the SW upgrade on the next boot

2- After Scan QR code, it goes to the Addon page

  • This means that MSP has not been activated for the Masjid
  • This can only happen if no MSP ever got ordered through the Addon page
  • Customers should first purchase an MSP through Addon.


3- How should I power MSP?

  • Normally every TV set has a USB port nowadays
  • Connect the USB cable to that USB port to power MSP
  • If there is no USB port  just use any mobile charger to connect the USB port to
  • Use the mobile charger to power MSP in this case.


4- Cannot Upgrade MSP no matter what

  • Click the Home button on the remote several times to exit of MSP App
  • Open Google Drive App (pre-installed)
  • Log in to some Google account
  • Download the shared MSP App 
  • Install it to upgrade


5- How to uninstall the MSP App 

  • MSP app can be easily uninstalled just like any other Android App.
  • Click the Home button several times to go to the Home screen
  • Go to Settings->Apps->See All Apps-> Show system Apps
  • Scroll down to MSP (they are alphabetically ordered so it will take some scrolling to go to MSP)
  • Click on MSP
  • Click Uninstall
  • After uninstalling MSP app, you can always re-install it from Google Drive.

6 - I have added or deleted Full-screen slides but nothing happened
  • Check your MSP layout: Full-screen slides are not supported for Vertical layouts.
  • Restart MSP by pressing the Power button on the remote control.
  • This also applies to the case of enabling the Full Screen Slider functionality.

7 -Blank slide displayed after uploading multiple slides together
  • This issue happens when not all slides can be downloaded simultaneously to the MSP device.
  • Please identify the slide which is being displayed as blank and delete it from MOHID dashboard-> MSP settings
  • After deleting the slide click SAVE 
  • Edit MSP again and re-upload the slide.
  • Note: It is always prefered to upload not more than 2 slides at a time.

8- Display is over stretched and not displaying the content properly
  • Open the settings menu by pressing Down Arrow and then OK button on the remote control
  • Select Display Settings
  • Display settings will pop out from righ side of screen
  • Go to Screen Percent option and press OK button on the remote control
  • Use the Arrow keys on the remote to adjust the display as per your screen
  • Press Back button on the remote control to go back to the MSP App.
  • Note: Settings can only be accessed from Salat times screen. Please disable Full screen slider option before trying to access the settings menu.