With the capability to define as many roles as possible for users, Admin can now assign more defined privileges for each screen present in Mohid such as Add Ticket Sales, Record Donations and Maintain Reports etc.


  • Click on User Administration.
  • Click on List User Roles
  • Click on Add User Roles
  • Enter the required information.
  • Click Save button.

  • Click on User Administration.
  • Click on List User Roles
  • Click on Assign Privileges

On Assign Privileges screen, select the privileges to be assigned to the role.
You can grant access to complete module by using Select All displayed next to the module name.
Click Save
Note: Please always select the Masjid Management -> Masjid Knowledgebase -> Masjid Knowledgebase to grant access to the Knowledgebase in MOHID & Help in MUNTAZIM


To add a new User in the system, please follow below mentioned steps:

  • Go to User Administration
  • Click on Add User
  • Enter Personal Information like login id, password, Name etc. 
(Note: By default the masjid short name will be included in login id)
  • Select Role, that you want to assign to the user
  • Enter contact information
  • Save
Note: Make sure that the status of the User remains 'Active' if you want this login to be operational.