How to Enable SMS service in MOHID™? Step by step instructions are mentioned below:

Detailed instructions for enabling SMS functionality in MOHID™, to send automatic and mass SMS from Muntazim Communication Module.

Please Note:

Credits need to be pre-purchased in order to use SMS service with Twilio. We have chosen Twilio as an SMS gateway because they have the lowest SMS rates in industry and they are the market leaders, please check for details.



Sign up Twilio™ 

Step 1 :  Setup a new account with Twilio.

From MOHID™ dashboard Go to Settings, click Module Settings and then Communication Settings.

Click Twilio Signup Button.

On Twilio website click on 

Signup button and create an account

The system will ask you for the following information. Please clock on no to proceed further.
Image Placeholder

The system will ask you for the following information. Please select skip to dashboard in order to proceed further. 
Image Placeholder

Click on trial number to proceed further
Image Placeholder

Step 2 :  Get a number. 

After signing in to your account Click on Buy a Numbers.

Select SMS and Search for a number. 

Image Placeholder

Retrieve API Credentials

Step 1 :  Retrieve API Credentials.

Click on Settings > General. 

Enable SMS service in MOHID.

Login to MOHID and click  Settings -> Module Settings -> Communication Settings. 

Enter Twilio account details.

Sending SMS to Parent(s), Teacher(s) and Admin(s) from Muntazim Communication. 

In order to send SMS from Muntazim to Parent(s) Teacher(s) and Admin(s), please follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to Muntazim communicate  module on the left hand side 

  • click on Send SMS.

  • Select the academic session 

  • The user will select whether they want to send an sms to the whole school or just to a specific grade.

  • Multiple grades can be selected 

  • The user can select the recipients as per  their own convenience 

  • Multiple recipients can be selected by the user 

  • Click on Continue

  • Once done, Type SMS message and click on Send. 

Number used for sending SMS: 

Admin Dashboard > Users > Parents > Number is taken from the Parent’s Information:

Phone Number OR Cell Number


After every 5 minutes, cron job will work. Except 4 am to 6 am CST.

One by one sms will be sent.

In one hour 12 times SMS will be sent.

Certain intervals in 1 hour - 12 times it will run.

Numbers starting from 111 will be considered as an invalid record.