Step 1 of 6

Login to MOHID Admin Dashboard account and Click "MPM Subscription"

Step 2 of 6

Choose the number of MPM units to order

(The system will automatically calculate the Yearly subscription amount) 

Step 3 of 6

Enter the Payment information (for the yearly subscription) and "SAVE"

At this time the MPM units order will be placed

Step 4 of 6

Click on the link to Setup a special Forte Account to process MPM transactions

Fill the Forte Application and Submit.

Step 5 of 6

Login to MOHID Admin Dashboard - Go to Settings - Payment Gateway Settings

Click "Add MPM Account"

Step 6 of 6

Enter Forte Credentials received in the Email from Forte

(Note: If you have not applied for the MPM Forte account, Click the link to apply)

Click SAVE


MPMs are now ready to use ....