On both Apple and Android sliding menu/ Navigation drawer appears when user swipe from left edge of device to right.
Please review various features of sliding menu based on numbers 


1- Masjid Logo

  • Masjid logo is provided at the time of App development and it is built into app
  • [Android only] Clicking log will take user to Masjid website , which is entered in MOHID dashboard.

2- Masjid Contact Information [Android Only]

  • Go to MOHID dashboard (Settings -> Contact Settings) to update contact information

  • [Android Only] Click Phone number to directly call Masjid from here
  • [Android Only] Click Email Address to email Masjid from here
  • [Android Only] Click Address to open Google Maps with Masjid address pre filled

3- Shortcuts

  • Click on each shortcut to go directly to respective App screen.

4- Settings