In order to add group membership to system, you need to perform below mentioned steps. 

1- Add Group Membership type
2- Add all family members’ record that you want to be treated as member in your system. These members will have access to member portal, using which they can make donations etc.
3- Link members
4- Enroll in group membership
STEP 1: Add Group Membership type

- Go to Settings > Membership
- Click on New Membership Type button

- Add Membership Type by entering the required details
- Select Membership Category as Group
- Enter Fees details; fees can be paid either as a group or charged on ‘per member’ basis.
- Click Save

STEP 2: Add all family members’ record. 

Scenario A- When a person's record EXISTS in the system as a Donor. 

- Go to Donations > Donors                                                                                                                   

- Search the Donor name that you want to make a member.

- For the donor's record, click "" sign and Click ‘+ Add as a Member’ option to upgrade him/her to Member.

- Now enter all required information of Member on Add Member screen.
- Click Save button. 

Scenario B- Where a person’s record DOES NOT EXIST in MOHID.

- Go to the Memberships of your required (Group) Membership Type

- Click on Members > Click on Add Member

- Start typing in fresh Member’s name > Add Member option will appear, Click on that.

- Enter all required information of Member & Save.
Record will be added successfully…  

Follow same steps to add as many members to system as you want.

STEP 3: Link Members

- In Memberships module > Click on Memberships of required type
- Click Members
- Click Link Members tab

- Enter Primary Member's name
- Click Search
- Select either Family Member or Spouse option for other group members
- Click Link Family button

- A confirmation message will display when you Click on Link Members button
- Click Yes to proceed.

STEP 4: Enroll in group Membership

- Go to Memberships > Click on Add Membership of Required Membership Type

- Search for the Primary Member and Click Next

- Select Membership Details like Membership Fee, Membership Period.

- At this point, Admin has the ability to give 100% discount to Member(s) by using the following option of ‘Exclude Fee’ using which Membership fee will not be charged.

- Screen will display the list of associated members.
- Click on one of the options available at the bottom of the page to proceed with payment.

Click Save button to only save the entered information of the member but it will not activate the membership. 

Click Save and Pay Now to proceed to the membership fees payment page and it will activate the membership. 

Click Save and Pay Online to save the entered information of the member and an email will be send to the email address provided in the details with a link to pay the membership fees. The membership will remain inactive until the fee is paid.

Click Cancel to discard the entered information.

- Enter the required information and click Pay button.

 (Refer to article How to offer membership fee discount to enter payment details)

Membership will be activated for the member just added.