Steps 1: Enable the membership promotion feature in Membership Settings

- Go to Settings > Membership > Policies > Privileges
- Turn on the option “Offer free Membership” and enter amount
- Click Save button.

Steps 2: Promote Donor To Member

- Inorder to view the list of donors who donated the required amount and are eligible for membership promotion:
- Go to Donations > Donors
- Select Membership Promotion option
- Click Search button
- List of all the donors who donated the required amount (as mentioned in Membership settings) will be displayed:

- Click on the + sign of Add as a Promotional Member
- Add Member screen will open > Update the required information such as Display As, Login ID etc.
- Click on Save button- Now the donor is promoted to member.

If you do not see the record of the required donor after checking the Membership Promotion checkbox then please note that the donor hasn't donated the required amount for promotion.

Step 3: Add Membership 

- Go to the ‘Add Membership’ option of Required Membership type
- Enter recently promoted Member name > Click Next
- Enter Membership Details
- Select the option of “Exclude Fee” to give $0 membership fee
- Click Save button.

Member will be Enrolled in required Membership.