How the Online Membership Works (For Admin)

When a donor signup for a membership through Online Membership form, system follows the below flow:

1. An email will be sent to donor for confirmation. This is just to confirm that the request is done by a human. On this step, the member's status is "Inactive" and the membership's status is "Pending Email Verification".

2. As soon as the person verifies his email address through the link provided in email, his membership status becomes "Pending Approval" and member status remains "Inactive".

3. When admin approves the application with all due diligence, an email will be sent to new member with the link to make membership payment. On this step, the member status is "Inactive" and the membership status is "Pending Payment". (Refer to note below to setup auto-approval and bypass this step)

4. Once the payment is made, system will change the status of this member from "Inactive' to "Active" and membership's status from "Pending Payment" to "Enrolled".

5. Member will receive the Payment receipt on their provided email and Member Portal credentials will also be sent.

Note:- In-order to bypass admin’s approval process for online Membership signup, turn off the option “Allow Approval for Online Membership” in Settings > Membership > Membership Types > Click on right most icon to Edit Membership Type.

This way the membership request will not be forwarded to admin for approval and membership's status changes to “Pending Payment” after email verification.

- If any administrative personnel has to be notified when new membership signup request is sent, then provide an email address for “Membership Admin Email” in membership settings.