Follow the steps in this guide to upgrade the KIOSK for contactless and chip-based EMV/NFC payments.

STEP 1 - Place order for Upgrade Kits

  1. Log in to the MOHID dashboard and click Add-ons

    Image Placeholder

    Image Placeholder
  2. Place order for the EMV upgrade kits and wait for the confirmation email

STEP 2 - Fill application for WorldNet merchant account

It is mandatory to set up a separate merchant account with WorldNet Payment systems, in order to upgrade the KIOSK to the latest EMV/NFC-based contactless payment system.

  1. Click the following link, (also present in the confirmation email) for WorldNet merchant account setup.

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STEP 3 - Configure MOHID to use new Card Readers

Follow the steps in the following guide to setup the MOHID Admin dashboard to use with the new retrofit KIOSKs 

STEP 4 - Install new Card Reader

WARNING: Donot follow this step before completing Step 3 above....
Once you will receive the new card reader/s , please follow the instructions in the following guide to retrofit your KIOSK/s with the new card reader/s


Your MOHID Plus KIOSKs are now ready to take advantage of Contactless Payments and Apple/Google Pay Smartphone based touchless donations.