Only Applicable to MOHID Plus KIOSK version 10.0 and higher

There are 3 Network Connection states which are represented by 4 different Symbols that appear on the top right corner of the KIOSK

1- Connected

 (Ethernet)     (WiFi) 

  • When KIOSK is Connected to a Network Source and it is also connected to the Internet, you will see above symbols
  • All the transactions and KIOSK updates will be normal and without any errors

2- Disconnected

  • This symbol means that the KIOSK is completely disconnected from any Network Source
  • If Ethernet is connected to KIOSK, check the other end of the cable at the router or any other breakage in the link
  • If WiFi is used, then check the KIOSK Settings if WiFi is disabled or if the Router is turned off
  • In this state, if a transaction will be attempted, the KIOSK will show the following error
    • Right after a category is pressed  
    • Register button is pressed
    • Purchase Ticket button is pressed
    • Update is attempted
    • A remote update will also not work

The Connection Symbol will turn back to connected once the Network Source will be re-connected

3- Internet Disconnected

  • This is the most common issue faced by most of the users
  • In this state, the Network Connection source is available (Ethernet cable is connected or WiFi is Enabled and the router is powered On)
  • This symbol shows that there is no connection to the internet from the KIOSK 
  • Potential reasons :
    • Firewall in router
    • Antivirus settings in the router
    • KIOSK time is not right according to the region
    • Due to incorrect time, a secure SSL link cannot be established and you will see this symbol
    • Issues with internet service
    • Low WiFi signals causing a very long delay in communication
    • Interference with other routers 

  • In this state, if the transaction will be attempted KIOSK will show the error after the user will :
    • Swipe the card for Donation - After selecting a category
    • Swipe the card for Paid Programs -  After starting registration of a program
    • Tap on Submit for Free Programs - At the end of the transaction
    • Swipe the card for Fundraising Tickets - After a ticket purchase transaction has started
    • Attempt a manual Update from the "Refresh" button

  • Once the connection is restored the symbol turns into Connected State :
    • On Manual update attempt
    • During any transaction
    • By Disable/Enable WiFi or Ethernet in KIOSK and retry transaction or update
    • If heartbeat to server(sent every 5 minutes) is successful
  • It is recommended that the user should attempt a "Refresh" manually if they think that the service has been restored
  • If KIOSK will see a good internet connection it will switch the Symbol to Connected