Please follow the steps mentioned below to void or refund customer sales transactions:

Go to Financials > Sales > Customer Sales

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  • Search for the required transaction using the filters provided on the screen.
  • Click Refund icon against the required transaction to issue a refund.
  • Void option will only cancel the transaction and do not refund.
  • Once Refund icon has been clicked, the status of transaction will change to REFUNDING and after forte settlement, status will be updated to REFUNDED.
Void: Voiding a transaction is just cancelling it from Mohid (that is updating the financials) without exchange of the amount.
For instance, a transaction is processed in your Mohid and amount has been deposited in bank account but this transaction was processed mistakenly under a wrong category. Now you will just void the transaction and add a new transaction under right category for record  purpose only (meaning that there will be no process of payment again since payment is already received in the bank) to update in the system.

Refund: Refund option is used when you require to reimburse the amount as well besides cancelling it from Mohid.
For instance, a transaction is processed in your Mohid and amount has also been deposited in bank account but donor ask you to refund the transaction for any reason. In this scenario, you will use refund option. It will not only update the system but also return the amount into donor's account.

Note: Refund option is available for Forte only.