In MOHID financial module, all your donation categories are treated as income categories.

Go to Settings -> Module settings -> Donation Settings 

  • Add new category in the field below the default category "General" 
  • Hit Save all rows will be appeared for the column selection
  • Select the field "As Donation" as yes or no. If you are providing services against this donation, select "No"
  • Select the field "Membership Promotion" if you want to offer free membership against the donation in this Category. You need to define the minimum donation limit in Membership Settings.
  • Enter the "Minimum donation" amount that you want to set from Kiosk against this category
  • Please refer below details related to Status selection:
    • For Inperson/Online status will display the category on KIOSK, Admin Dashboard and Online Donation Form.
    • Inperson status will display category on Admin dashboard just need to use this category for Internal book keeping purpose e.g. Friday Cash Collection
    • Inactive status will hide the category from display.