Since Forte deposits the amount into the bank in batches on a daily basis so admin/user can also check Batch deposit report in Mohid.

To use this report, please ensure below settings are done.

In Settings > Override Actions > "Allow Direct Donations in Accounts" should be enabled (It will automatically approve donation transactions (bypass Financial Management approval) and send them to Deposit section)
"Allow Direct Financial Authorizationshould be enabled (It will automatically approve Journal transactions (bypass Financial Management approval) and post them to corresponding accounts.
Allow Individual Deposit Date” should be disabled (It will allow modify Deposit transaction date on Deposit screen (If required then you can enable that again) > Click Save

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In Pending Sales Receipts box, all pending sales receipts should be deposited.

After that follow the steps mentioned below to generate the report as per your requirement:

Go to > Reports > Deposits
Select Account from the drop-down. Also select the date if required.
Click Search button and a report will be displayed as per selected filters.
Click on the Account field to View Deposit Details of the batch.

A pop-up window is opened displaying all the details of the batch deposit.