We are currently offering various options using which you can customize your Online Donation Form. These options can be viewed from Settings > Donation screen. Make necessary changes as per your requirement and then click on the Save button at the bottom of the page.

- Templates: Below templates are being offered which can be selected as per your requirement.

1- Standard Template 

2- Basic Template 

Image Placeholder

- Customize Display information: Enter the description and upload the icon image for the required donation category.

- Address Information: You can control the visibility of the donor’s address fields on the donation form and choose to either display or hide it while keeping it as mandatory or optional.

Recurring Frequencies: In addition to the default MONTHLY recurring option available for donation, you can now offer the WEEKLY and DAILY recurring option as well to your donors.

- Enable Default Frequency for Donations:  Admin can also customize and set the default value for the transaction frequency for online donation collection. For recurring transactions, lifetime recurring can also be enabled as default.

- Pre-defined Donation Amounts: You can display a pre-defined donation amounts on your online donation form. Your donors will have an option to enter the different amount as well.

- Default Donation Amounts as Minimum or Fixed: You can choose to display the default donation amounts for donation categories and also setup the minimum or fixed value for the same by using below options.

- Individual Link For Each Donation Category: You can easily obtain a dedicated link for each donation category added in the system which will display only the required category on the page. This link can be further added to your website or shared with community to collect donations.

Enable option “Show Single Category Page” and click Save button at the bottom of the page. Then obtain the link for the online donation form from Settings > Website Integration > Donation screen.

Below options for these category specific pages can be customized using this section