Go to Settings -> Module settings -> Donation Settings  


 Add Category (Just type in the category name in Text box)
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If more than 1 categories are needed click Add Category
Click Save

Now select the values for the fields displayed for each category:
  • As Donation - If this category is used for donation collection then Yes should be selected, otherwise if it is a non-donation category then please select No. This will effect the inclusion of category in Year End Tax Summary report that you can generate for your donors via MOHID system.
  • Membership Promotion - If you offer membership to your community and you promote your donors to members on donation of certain pre-defined amount under any category, then Yesshould be selected. Otherwise please select No.
  • Minimum Amount Allowed in KIOSK - Any minimum value that should be allowed as a donation for the category should be stated in this field.
  • Amount Type - If the provided amount is Minimum value and can be changed, then Min has to be selected. If the specified value is the ONLY value that can be donated for the category then Fixedhas to be selected.
  • Status - Please refer below details for the status information
  • Add/Edit Description option will help you to update a detailed description about each donation category for online users. The descriptive message can be viewed on Online donation form by clicking "Show Categories Description" option.

  • Drag option in Action column can be used to rearrange categories as per your requirement.
  • Delete option in Action column is only applicable if there are no transactions associated with the category you are deleting. If you do not wish to use a category any longer, then please select Status = Inactive.

For Inperson/Online status will display the category on KIOSK, Admin Dashboard and Online Donation Form. 
Inperson status will display category on Admin dashboard only. 
Inactive status will hide the category from display.

Minimum Amount Allowed for INPERSON/ONLINE - you can now apply a min. value restriction in your online form by checking the option "Apply Minimum Amount to Online Form" in Donation category settings. There will be no effect of Amount Type selected for Kiosk and the value will only be considered as 'minimum'