To check Attendance report by Grade, please follow the steps mentioned below.

-Go to Student activities >  Reports.
-Click on attendance Summary by Grade >  Select grade from list > Select from/to date > Report Type (Monthly/Total) 
-Click on search

- Select Report Type = Total (For Attendance of total no. of months updated)

-Total summary will appear in percentages for the months you have selected. it will give you total attendance percentage of each day you are offering for the selected grade.  

- Select Report Type: Monthly
- It will give you the percentageS month wise, total % of Present, Total absent, Total tardy and Total no. of days marked of the whole month.     


Export Button
There is an export button on the extreme right. By clicking on it all the records are transferred to an Excel file, you can take a printout of it and use it as per your requirement.

If you are unable to view the EXPORT button on screen, then please refer to below attached help article:

How to Enable EXPORT button on screens