Please note that assignment cannot be added in the system unless a subject is already present for the selected grade. 
If you do not have grade to subject association, then please refer to below articles to complete the setup of the required information:

To add and assign assignment from Admin, please follow the steps mentioned below:

Step: 1 - Add Assignment 

- Go to Dashboard > Students activities then click on “Assignment”.

- Click on Add assignment tab > Select grade > Select subject from drop down > Associated Teacher(s) will appear automatically in the required field. 

- Enter assignment title

- Select assignment type from the drop down.

- Select assignment date ( assignment date is the day when assignment is assigned to the students), system gives you ability to select date as per requirement and it can be future date as well. 

- Select assignment due date (Due date is the day by which assignment must be done).

- Click on 'Select File' to upload file (if required any).

- Click Save

Step: 2 Assign Assignment

After adding assignment
Go to: Students Activities > Assignments > List all Assignments 
By deafult all the added assignments will list on this screen.

On clicking Assign option, the system will ask for confirmation:

Once the assignment is assigned the status will be changed from "Active" to "Assigned":

- If Assignment is in Open/Reopen status and a new student is enrolled then that assignment will automatically be assigned to that student. i.e. Assignment list should automatically update. If Assignment is Completed then newly enrolled student will not list on it.

- When you click on Students activities>Assignments. The screen that appears has an export button on extreme right, if you click on it all the assignments records would be transferred in an Excel file. Which will allow you have a printout of it and use it as per your requirement.

If you are unable to view the EXPORT button on screen, then please refer to below attached help article: