In order to setup Next Academic Session, please follow the steps mentioned below, 

Step : 1  Settings

1. Go to Settings 
2. Academic Session Settings 
3. School Academic Session

4-  New Academic Session Start and End Date: Select date for New Academic Session Start and End. 
"Start Date" (This is when classes will actually begin) "End date" (This is when classes will be end)
"Next Academic Session's Start and End Dates can be set only one time and they will update automatically when next academic session starts"

5-  Next Academic Session's Admission Start and End Dates: This is Start and End date for when admissions will be allowed in next grade. Selected date will be applied to all the grades in school. 

6- Allow Admissions For Next Academic Session: Check this checkbox and admissions in all grades will be permitted for next session. 

"If you want to allow Enrollments for Next Academic Session then check the Allow Admissions For Next Academic Session checkbox and create setup for the Preview of Next Academic Session"

7- Send Notification to admin "no of days" before Next Academic Session Starts:
It is a reminder for the admin to come and click on the start button when the academic session date reaches to start the new academic session.

8- Click on Save button. 
After clicking on Save button, Option to "Preview of Next Academic Session"  will appear.

Step : 2  Preview of Next Academic Session  

7- Create Setup For  Preview - On clicking this button, a setup will create for the preview of the Next Academic Session and you can check what your Grades & Fee Types data will look like for the Next Academic Session.

You can edit your data and system will save these changes and it will reflect in your Next Academic Session.

"All changes corresponding to Next Academic Session should be done on this page. These changes do not effect Current Academic Session"

Step: 3 Promote Students to Next Grade:

Note: Once the above settings are done and the next academic session date reaches the next step is to promote the existing students into progressive grades:

Step: 4 Start New Academic Session:

All the above settings are done and now when the session start date (which the user set up in the first step) reaches this button in the screenshot below appears, you have to click on Start New Academic Session:

Go to settings > academic session settings > Start New Academic Session

Once the user clicks on Start New Academic Session the current session will be replaced by the new session setup.

Now user can further do enrollments manually or through
application form.

Step : 5- Enrollments 

- For Enrollments Go to Admissions > Enrollments >
- Select Student/Parent Name > Select Grade 
- Select Student to enroll and click Save

- User can view the message display on screen that "Enrollments for this Grade is in Next School Session for 2019-2020

- By click Save enrollment application will submitted, if Bypass Approval process from enrollment is checked, system will approved application and Student will enrolled in selected Grade. If not then Admin needs to Approve Student Application from List all Application and Enrollment screen. 
- In Order to check New Year enrollments, user need to select Required Year from Drop-down. 


Step : 6 Payment & Invoices Of New Academic Session

Process will remain same for invoice generation, If you have associated Immediate fee type with enrollment then as soon as Student enrolled system will generate Invoice for the same. 

- In order to view Next Academic session Invoice - Go to Fee Management > Fee Payments > List All Invoices 
- Select School Academic Session form the dropdown list and Search. 
- All invoices will display on that screen. 
- In order to make payment please refer to the article below, 

Note: In order to view Enrollments/ Invoices and Transactions, Select School Academic Session form the dropdown list and Search.  Select Year dropdown is available on all related screen