Note: This is going to be the next step after user have done grade progression setup.

In order to promote the students of the current grade to the progressive grades

Go to Settings > Academic Session Settings:
1. Promote students to Next Grade
2. Select the current grade 
3. search

4. Now select progressive grade and all the students will be listed:

5. Select the students you want to promote to the next grade

6. Click on Promote selected students

Cancel Promotion:
if the user wants to cancel out any promotion, click on the x sign and it will give a confirmation message

System will ask user to forward/ Cancel or remain the balance open.

1. If user selects Forward balance then existing open/ expired invoice will closed and balance forward to newly generated invoice.

2. If user selects cancel current balance then existing invoice will mark as Closed and balance will not forward to newly generated invoice.

3. If user selects remain open invoice than previous invoice will remain open and user can pay it until system will mark it as closed.