In order to configure General Settings of the School, please follow the steps mentioned below:
School's General settings cover the following settings of provided modules. 

1. Bill Settings 
2. Grade Settings
3. School's Current Academic Session
4. Attendance Settings 
5. Other Settings
6. Communication Settings
7. Receipt Settings

1. Bill Settings:

Define Bill Settings - Few important fields' description is given below for your reference.

Billing Period (No. Of Months): In this field you can define how often your fee invoices will generate. For e.g. If you charge fees on a monthly basis then enter 1 in this field.
Bill Generation Date: This is the no. of day (in a month) on which you want to generate the fee invoices.
Due Date for Bill Payment: Define the due date (in a month) on which the invoices will be expired. Parent can make payment against these expired invoices till next invoice generation date. 
No. Of Billing Cycle(s): Enter the no. of months here that define the school year for which the fee invoices will be generated.

Next Invoice Generation scheduled on: Once you set this date, it will automatically change from that time onward and will generate invoices according to this date which you will set. In case you want to make changes to this date, there is a CAUTION for that: Contact your system administrator if you are unsure about this date.

Please fill in the required information as per your requirements and then Save.
Above settings will enable you to generate the invoices on a certain day of a month and send to parents. It will also give the ability to admin to track these invoices.
After a due date has passed, all the invoices of the current month will be expired till the next invoice generation date. Parent can make payment against these expired invoices till the next invoice generation date and on new invoice generation if payment is still not made then the outstanding amount will be added to the next month's invoice as a balance forwarded value.
Billing Cycle Completed: Number of times the billing cycle has executed.

2. Grade Settings: 

-In Grade
we have "Specify Holidays ". This option will allow you to mark any day as a holiday as per your requirement, which is considered as an off for all grades/programs available for the relative school during academic session throughout the year.  
can mark their calendar off from here and it will display on each teacher's attendance screen as holidays.   

Default Seats For Add Grade -  This option is available to define students' capacity for each grade/program in this school, whereas
of seats can be defined from "Add grade" screen individually for each grade/program.  

3. Schools Current Academic Session:

4. Attendance Settings 

Dynamic Statuses for attendance:
Now user can add custom fields for required statuses for attendance.
In order to make this setting; Add Row > Enter required information or status name and click Save. 

Your newly added custom status field for attendance is added and available on 'Add Attendance" screen to mark accordingly.   

5. Other Settings 

1. Bypass Approval process for Enrollments -   If you select this option, then the system will skip the manual approval process and approve the enrollment request automatically at the time of enrollment application submission from Admin, online admission form & Parent portal.

2. Allow Payment on Online Form - If you select this option, then the system will take the fee payments with online registrations/enrollments and it will work with immediate fee type only. For e.g. Registration fee/Admission fee. 

-Confirmation step added on the online form for fee payment.

3. Allow Single Transaction on Auto-Payment 

Settings For Declaration Note:
Declaration Text added here will be displayed with 'I Accept' checkbox on:
The last step before confirmation (submit) on the online application form.
Enrollment screen (admissions > enrollments > enroll) of the admin dashboard.
Enrollment screen (students > enroll) of the parent portal. 

6. Communication Settings:

select Teachers/Admins records in Default CC drop down of Communication Settings as per the requirement and SAVE.

Once above setting is done now on Admin Dashboard/Teacher Portal Communication > Send Email screen 'Default CC Email Addresses' will display all the selected teachers and admins.

Admin can change the selection as their requirements.

Another field as 'Additional CC Email Addresses' on the same screen where admin/teachers can enter/type additional emails that do not exist in Default CC Emails list.

7. Receipt Settings

Checkmark the options which admin wants to make visible.
Note: Do not change
in the tags as it is system generated and will be replaced by real-time data. eg: {school_name}