To add admission form template, please follow the steps mentioned below:

1 - Go to Settings > Admission Form Templates

3- Click on add new template if you want to add a new template.
4- Edit icon displayed in Action column in order to update existing template.

5 -  Enter template name.
6 - Select required statuses for default fields.  
7 - Click on Custom fields check-box if required.
8 - Enter field title.

9 - Select display status (on where you want to display these fields like, Online/inperson or for All)
-If Online is selected, then your fields will appear on online form only.
If in-person is selected then it will be available on admin dashboard only.
Whereas if select All then it will display on both.
If Inactive is selected then field will not display anywhere.

10 - Select display status (Mandatory Or Optional) as per requirement, whatever you select as display status these fields will work accordingly.
-If Mandatory is selected then while updating Student’s information, information cannot be saved without providing this information.
-If Optional is selected then, it’s up to you to enter information in these fields or not.
11 - Click on add row, if need more rows. 
12 - Once done, click on save.

Note; These fields information will required at the time of enrollment of student into the required Grade/Program. In-order to select Admission Form Template and associate with required Grade, option available on add Grade screen.