Add Roles:

- Click on Roles and Admins Administration

- Click on Add Role tab

- Enter the required information and click on Save button

- Click on List Roles tab

- Click on the Key icon for the role

- Select the required access privileges to be assigned to the role

- Click on Save button.

Note: If a role has to be added to schools in addition to the one selected, then select the required schools in the field "Save Role in School(s)".

Add User and Grant access to School:

In order to give access to user for any school, please follow the steps mentioned below:

- Click on Roles and Admins Administration > List All Users

- For the required user, click on the KEY icon displayed in the right most column.

- Select School from the list of schools added in the system.

- Select the required Role for each school (these roles are already added in the system).

- Click on Save button.