To add student form template, please follow the steps mentioned below:

1 - Go to Settings > Student Form Templates.

2- Click on add new template if you want to add a new template.
Edit icon displayed in Action column in order to update existing template.

4 - Enter the template name.
5 - Select required statuses for default fields.  
6 - Click on Custom fields check-box in order to add any extra customized fields.
7 - Enter the field title .

8 - Select display status (on where you want to display these fields like, Online/inperson or for All)
-If Online is selected, then your fields will appear on online form only.
-If in-person is selected then it will be available on admin's dashboard only.
-Whereas if select All then it will display on both.
-If Inactive is selected then field will not display anywhere.

9 - Select display type (Mandatory Or Optional) as per requirement, whatever you select as display type these fields will work accordingly.
-If Mandatory is selected then while updating student’s information, it will not be saved without providing data in these fields.
-If Optional is selected then, it’s up to you whether you want to enter information in these fields or not.

10 - Click on add row, if more rows are required. 
11 - Once done, click on save.

In order to select your Student Form as default form for your school, please follow the steps mentioned below:

12- Your added student forms are listed under Default Student Template drop-down, select required form from the list. 
13- Click on Save button once required form is selected.