Please note that the auto-payment will be processed for the transactions on the Due Date of the invoice which can be viewed from the Fee Management > Fee Payment > List All Invoices screen. The Due Date for invoices is provided by school administrator in Settings > General Settings > Due Date field.

To Set-up Auto fee payment two options are available, admin/user will follow the steps mentioned below:

Option 1: 

- Go to Fee Management > Fee Payment > List Parent Fees.
- Click on Actions column setting icon, and click Edit Payment Information.



NOTE: If the parents no longer wants to pay for the invoices automatically they can simply un check this check box (Automatically pay invoices(s) on their due dates.

Option 2: 

- Go to Fee Management > Fee Payment > List all Invoices.
- Click on Actions column setting icon, then click on Make Payment to pay for an open invoice.

- Enter the (Amount Paying) in the invoice.
- Click 'Save and Proceed Payment'.
- Provide details of your Payment Method (CC or e-Check).
- Check Default Payment Method checkbox.
- Check "Activate Auto Payment" checkbox.

- Click on Pay Now to proceed.

How to setup auto- payment for multiple/all parents:

To activate auto payment for multiple/all parents please follow the steps mentioned in the below screenshot:
  1. Fee Managment 
  2. Fee Payment 
  3. List Parent Fees
  4. Select multiple or all parents as per your requirements
  5. Click on 'Active Auto Payment'

Once user clicks on 'Active Auto Payment' system will ask for confirmation:


6. Now to 'Edit Payment Method' admin can add echeck/credit card information as per the parent accordingly.
7. Checkmark the checkbox to activate the auto payment 
8. Save


  • Select Payment method as echeck/ACH.
  • If Check scanner is attached with PC/Laptop then Click Scan Check and scan check from the attached scanner.
  • If no scanner available enter check deatils manually in Payment Details section.
  • Select Category.
  • Enter Memo & Enter Check no. in Reference field.
  • Enter Amount.
  • Click Save


Export Button
There is an export button on the extreme right. By clicking on it all the records are transferred to an Excel file, you can take a printout of it and use it as per your requirement.

If you are unable to view the EXPORT button on screen, then please refer to below attached help article: