To send payment reminder emails, please follow the steps mentioned below: 

Note : This email will only be sent to Parents whose invoice(s) with Invoice Status is "Open", Payment Status "Pending" or "Partially Paid" and Auto Payment "Inactive"
In order to Send Reminder Email: 

1. Go to Fee management.
2. Fee Payment.
3. List All Invoices.
4. Select "Inactive" from "Auto Payment", drop-down list (It will provide you list of the Parent(s) invoices with inactive Auto-payment.  
5. Click on checkbox to select required invoice to send reminder email (Multiple invoices can be selected in once time).
6. Click on "Send Reminder Email" button.

- On click on "Send Reminder Email" button following confirmation message will appear on screen, click on "OK" to proceed further.  

- This will be common reminder that schools will want to do near due date, parents will receive below email in case Invoice Status "Partially Paid".