Fee payment can be processed in two ways.

1. Pay fees for multiple students using the single e-check/CC information, please follow the steps mentioned below.

- Go to Fee Management
- Fee Payment
- Click on In person & enter Parent/Student name and list will be displayed.
- Select the required record from the list.
- Click on $ sign to pay fee
- List of all students associated with the parent is displayed as selected by default and all their invoices are listed on the screen.
Admin can select or unselect any of the students and their invoices will be displayed accordingly,
- Enter the Amount Paying value as required for all the invoices and hit ENTER on the keyboard.

Admin can process payment for all the selected invoices through single transaction via credit card or e-check or cash.

To proceed further, you have following 3 options. Select one option as per your requirement.

1. Save Invoice(s): This option will only save changes made to the invoice by Admin. Admin can always return to the invoice and proceed further from those changes. 
2. Save and Proceed Payment: 
This will give the option to make the payment through Cash, CC or E-checks.
3. Pay Online: 
Using this option will send an online fee payment link to the parent.

- To pay the fees through admin Click on the 'Save and Proceed Payment' button.
- For the first time, system will ask you to Add New Payment Method (Image below).
- Click on Add New button.

- Enter Details as per below, then click on Pay Now button to process payment.

2. Pay fees from List all invoices screen.

- Go to Fee Management > Fee Payment.
- Click on List all Invoices tab.
- Click on $ sign under Action column to pay fee of an open invoice.
- Admin have the option to select other children of selected Parent from Selected Students list and pay their invoices through same CC/e-check or Cash (as shown above).
Please refer to details above regarding how to select/unselect records and process payment.


  • Select Payment method as echeck/ACH.
  • If Check scanner is attached with PC/Laptop then Click Scan Check and scan check from the attached scanner.
  • If no scanner available enter check deatils manually in Payment Details section.
  • Select Category.
  • Enter Memo & Enter Check no. in Reference field.
  • Enter Amount.
  • Click Save