To send an email to teacher from admin for specific grade, please see the steps mentioned below:

-Go to Dashboard and click on Communication then click "Send Email".

-Click on Send Email tab and select your required level from select level drop-down.

-Click on Select Recipients and click on teachers check box, it will open a page to enter details for sending email.

-Select teachers from teachers drop-down list.

 - For Default CC email id, it will display all the emails id(s) of the teachers/admins selected in the settings > general settings > communication settings. This field is optional and email address can be removed as well. 

  - For Additional CC Email Addresses, admin can type/enter 'any email address' not listed in the default cc email address(es). This field is also optional.

  -Add email subject in the required field and your message in email.

 - Select file for attachment (if any)

-Click on Send.

How to Publish Documents for Teachers?  
Muntazim: 'Publish documents' functionality is added through communication module.  
Admin / Teacher can publish documents; the published documents will list on Parent/ Teacher /Admin Dashboard(s).
Any document published by teacher will be displayed on Admin portal as well with the name of teacher who published the document. Admin should be aware of the communication that occurs b/w teacher and parents. 
The selected Document(s) will not attach to the email. They will be accessible via Parent/ Teacher /Admin Dashboard(s).

In order to publish documents, please follow the steps mentioned below. 
Step 1: To publish document please follow the same steps of send email mentioned in this article above(till step 5).

Step 2:
- Click on Select file and attach your required document to the email.
- Once your attachment is uploaded successfully
- Click on Send.  

Attached Document will appear on Teacher's Portal main dashboard as below. 

How to Check Email Details?

Email Details option is implemented on Admin/ Teachers and Parents portals. Now user can view sent Emails with details through Email History screen.

 In-order to view email text from communication, please follow the steps mentioned below. 

-Go to Communication > Send Email > Email History.
-Click on Email Details to check text details.

-Email text details will popup as below.